It’s a simple story. Before Connor and I adopted Bean into our crazy lives I lost my shit over any dog with a smushy face and pointy ears. I followed several on instagram and sent videos and pictures to Connor daily. I traveled through Europe for three weeks and I still remember each individual dog I pat while over there. The day Connor said we could get Bean I cried and then started preparing!

I snagged the handle because I thought it was catch and began posting some of the pictures the breeder sent me – as mentioned, I’d been following several frenchies and bostons for years so I knew how the formula typically went. We acrued a handful of followers – mostly family and friends. Then the starbucks picture happened. We got Bean a “puppaccino” from starbucks, shoved her face in it, snapped a few pics as she lapped up the cream from her face, and then threw it away. My brother posted it on Reddit and sure enough it hit the frong page! We gained about 2000 followers from that whole experience and then I was hooked. From there I began trying to gain visibility for Bean in front of the eyes of other smushy-face loving instagram addicts as myself.

Erin and Connor at home in Savannah Georgia enjoying time with their french bulldog boston terrier mix puppy after his return from deployment!Instagram is such a warm community and I love the fact that Bean’s goofiness can bring happiness to more people than just me. My hope is to continue curating cute, funny, and sweet pictures and videos of Bean to build the following and affect people positively – follow along here!