4 Reasons Why I Don’t Raw Feed


Feeding dogs raw is so trendy right now. And I will admit, I have seen the results of raw fed shine during my time working in the veterinary industry. However, when I weigh the cost-benefit of exclusively raw feeding, it just doesn’t make sense for our family.


It’s Time Consuming

I rarely want to cook for myself. My dogs are my children, so I do pamper them more than some people, but on days when I am scooping peanut butter onto a waffle that came out of my freezer to feed myself, you can bet that I won’t be preparing anything for my little babes. That said, when I meal prep, or have some extra energy at the end of the day, they always reap those benefits.

It’s Expensive

I recently left my job and this has left my family a little strapped for cash. We’re not poor, but we are frugal. We cut costs where we can and live well below our means when I am earning money to ease the financial impact when I am not. If by some miracle I have a week where I am inspired to feed raw, I carefully incorporate it into their routine, and they LOVE it, but it is definitely a splurge.

It’s Rude

Have you ever been asked to do something for someone and candidly agree on the assumption that it will be no big deal? Yeah, me too. Well guess what, that something that could have just been, “snuggle my puppies for me, make sure they have water, and give them a couple scoops of food before you leave,” just turned into a much more involved chore. That’s right, say good-bye to guilt-free vacations.

It’s Not That Much Better For Your Dog

This is perhaps the most important factor that I consider in all this, because if it were really as night-and-day as some people claim, I would be on the bandwagon. The fact is, the research just isn’t out there to outright support people’s claims for the benefits of raw feeding. Remember earlier when I said I could see the difference? Well, usually folks who raw feed are the types who naturally put more time into caring for their pups, and it is clear that those people have healthier dogs! That’s what I’m seeing.


Brush your dog’s teeth, be intentional about the intensity and kinds of exercise you’re providing for your dog depending on his or her specific breed, look into the kibble you’re feeding, and be conscientious. Your dog will be healthier, and your veterinary technician will be able to see the difference all the same!


The Fox

Who is the Floater?

Hi everyone! My name is Erin and from here on out you’ll know me as the floater. I come from a small town outside of Boston, MA where I grew up riding horses, playing and bickering with my three siblings, playing outside until my mom dragged me back inside, and learning as much as possible. I’m now the mom of a boston terrier/ french bulldog named Bean who is the light of my life. She came into my life about a year ago with my boyfriend Connor, and having her helped immensely with the time apart a deployment caused.

So what do I mean by floater?

I’m an introvert who truly loves and values the connections I have with other people. I often view myself as an individual human, floating around among other humans, doing the best that I can. I have never really had a “group” of people, and the times when I do find myself in a group it usually started as a random mix of people that I jumbled together and that all happened to get along. I love being a floater – it opens me up to all types of people. I have a friend who is a nomad, traveling full time and linking up with new people, jobs, and communities to get by. I have a friend who is an electrical engineer who works her ass off daily both at work and inspiring young girls to learn to code. I have a friend who researches frogs at Harvard and travels to Central America for parts of the year to collect data. I have a friend who speaks fluent French and is a math genius. And I have a friend who is a fox who lives 15 minutes from my house and who I bonded with immediately. We bonded over a passion for education, children, and culture. We impact each other positively, pushing each other to health, happiness, and new adventures. So here we are at our newest adventure, A Fox and a Floater – I hope you enjoy following along!