@thedoddsdogs came about, if I’m honest, mostly because I was jealous of Bean. She was getting free PupBox because of a post that went viral and, being the cheap person that I am, I wanted one too.screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-4-12-02-pm It actually started before Erin and I even met because my dogs are adorable, clearly, but also because at the time I was using it as a social platform to showcase pictures of adoptable dogs at the rescue I was working for. It has since evolved into what it has become: just another dog Instagram page, but it started with good intentions, I swear!

When I left the job at the rescue, I deleted all the images of those pups from my page. Regardless, my page didn’t surpass average followings until my jealousy propelled me towards D-list Stardom. Now, on a daily basis, we work as a family to eventually crawl our way up the list.

My girls are Diogi and Maize. Diogi is a border collie-blue heeler mix, or she is to the best of our knowledge. She was rescued by my husband while he was in flight school in Alabama.  She is pretty shy with new people, but I have been working with her on her self-confidence (sounds silly, but that is where most fear, -and thus, though this isn’t a problem for her, aggression- stems from) and she has come miles. Almost a ‘normal’ dog would be like. Almost.screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-4-15-02-pm

Maize is a boxer-beagle mix, again to the best of our knowledge.  She is my little dumpster dog, found because I worked at the puppy rescue. I originally sought out her first family, and looked for them for a while before deciding to surrender her to the rescue. Of course, that was short lived. The rescue, being overcrowded, meant little in terms of her not peeing on my floor. Because the shelter facility was full, Maize stayed living with us. Puppy eyes eventually won me, but more importantly, my husband, over and we kept her. She is the most personable, social butterfly dog I have ever encountered. She has never met a stranger she didn’t love and make love her. Although her manners leave something to be desired. Training two dogs is complicated.

Now you can see the lives of our two little mutts on a daily basis, see what Maize has destroyed now and read Diogi’s inner monologues that outline her displeasure with the world. Follow us on our journey to the top.